Guido Fuà

Guido Fua', born in Rome, hold an MA in Visual Anthropology at the University "La Sapienza" in Rome. His career as a professional photographer has spanned over twenty-five years.
The art of taking beautiful and natural pictures requires the talent of understanding people and the ability to make them feel at ease in any situation. By Blending the eye of a photojournalist with techniques developed in serving the most demanding corporate clients Guido Fuà has become one of the most sought after photographer in Italy.
His fluency in foreign languages coupled with his interest in different cultures has led him to travel quite frequently to South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia, the United States and Europe. The variety of subjects he covers include such as ethnic realties, immigration, music and teenage trends, portrais of show biz and finance personalities, fashion and food, interiors and industrial. As a photojournalist and portraits photographer, his work has been commissioned and published by numerous Italian magazines ( Il Venerdì di Repubblica, XL, L'Espresso, Style, Class, Gentleman, Ladies, Io donna, Monsieur, I Viaggi del Sole, Dove, Dove Auto, IL Intelligence in Lifestyle, Il Mondo, Capital, Gente, Gioia, Qui Touring, Max, Panorama, D - La Repubblica delle Donne, Donna Moderna, Case & Country, Ville e Casali, Style Golf, Spirito di vino) and various international publications (World Bank, National Geographic, Business Week, Wine Spectator, Stern, Watch Time, DeViajes, Asahi Shimbun, Nikkei Business, Elle Japon, 25ans).
He founded his company Eikona in 1996, a company highly qualified in making images in the editorial, corporate and advertising field, which provides: digital photography and HD video-making; web designing, web engineering, social network identity; workshop and photography tutorials; production coordination and equipment rental; professional assistance and digital archiving and distribution of pictures; books, dvd, brochure and anything else concerning the building of corporate identity. He's actually a teacher of "Advanced techniques of studio lighting" at Officine Fotografiche in Rome. In recent past he teached along four years editorial portrait and figure at the Roman School of Photography.